Embroidery in Austin

Embroidery Adds That Special Touch
Take that logo or unique design and make it pop against that shirt, blanket, or patch. Special Blankets, name on a backpack, personalized Christmas gifts, company logos for gifts we have you covered. We are able to take your ideas, logos, and recreate them on clothing items for you.



Embroidery with Sew Many Possibilities

  •   Polo Shirts 
  •   T-Shirts
  •   Ball Caps Front, Sides and Back
  •   Knit Beanies
  •   Sweaters
  •   Sweatshirts
  •   Hoodies
  •   Sweatpants
  •   Fleece Vests
  •   Performance Wear 
  •   Denim Pants, Vests etc.
  •   Denim Jackets 
  •   Carhartt Jackets
  •   Bath Wraps
  •   Coveralls
  •   Blankets
  •   Lovies
  •   Burp Cloths
  •   Wedding Hankies
  •   Backpacks
  •   Custom Patches
  •   Dog Collars
  •   Ditty Bags
  •   Bath Towels
  •   Kitchen Towels
  •   Christmas Stockings
  •   Headbands
  •   Aprons
  •   Lunch Bags
  •   Laundry Bags
  •   Book Bags
  •   Tote Bags


Pricing depends on many factors: Size, colors, thread count, and set up.


Why embroidery over vinyl, sublimation or other options?

 Embroidery is classy and classic! Embroidery designs are beautiful! They are long-lasting and durable, usually washable, etc. In many cases, embroidery can be sewn directly over seams. Embroidery has a visual impact. 

How many colors can I choose from? 

We have over 80 colors of Madeira Polyvinyl Thread. We prefer using Madeira Thread due to its high quality and durability

What is the average turnaround time?

We usually ask for at least a week, but can often accommodate quick turn arounds, if requested.

Do I get proof first?

Always. We can text or email

What is the backing like, does it itch?

If the garment is going to be worn next to the skin, we offer two types of “Cut-away” backing, both of which will minimize any itching. A special iron-on “Tender Touch” cover stitch backing for baby garments is available on request.

For items that will not be worn next to the skin, we use a “Tear-away” type backing.

What are the size limits in terms of big or small that can be embroidered?

 The maximum size for any single design is 12" x 15"

Any warranty?

We pride ourselves in quality embroidered products, and never release them to our clients until they are completely satisfied. Once it leaves our door, we don't have any control over how it will be worn or maintained.

What kind of machine is it? Can it handle the workload?

We have a MELCO EMT 16X, a professional grade 16 needle machine.  Yes! Our machine is well equipped to handle any and all of your embroidery needs.

Do you do Digitatizing if I do not have the graphics?

We offer full digitizing services. We are able to take your logo and designs and turn them into thread.

WE also offer Custom monogramming, many fonts available to choose from. We have a list that can be sent to you on request. So many cute fonts to choose from! We have several cursive, block, and non-serif fonts. And if we don't have a font you have your heart set on we will do our very best to get it to you or to match what you have in mind!

Personal Handwriting and company logos  also can be converted to embroidery stitches 

In addition to embroidery, we also can put your full-color design on 11 & 15 oz. coffee cups, espresso cups, shot glasses, cappuccino mugs, cell phone “pop sockets” and coasters. We offer Sublimation and heat press vinyl  services as well

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